Some of The Top Fancy Color Diamonds Brands Companies in the World

Fancy color diamonds are a rare treasure in the diamond world. Diamonds themselves are one of the most beautiful and rare things that can be found in nature, with their inherent sparkle and luminescent attributes. However, within the world of the beautiful gems, the most magnificent of all are the ones who naturally exude any number of the colors of the rainbow, be it rich reds, vivid yellows, vibrant pinks, ethereal blues, velvety blacks, and others. The presence of color is a completely natural effect that occurs during the formation process of a diamond, when a stray element is included in the diamond’s crystalline Carbon structure. The beauty and rarity of these diamonds is what causes them to be in such high demand, from when they were first discovered centuries ago until today. They have only been made more desirable over time by being incorporated into jewelry, usually as stunning works of art and design. Some of the most famous jewelers of all time have embraced these gems in their creations to produce some of the most amazing jewelry in the world.

1. Graff Diamonds

The Scarselli Diamonds ‘Amazonia’ collection, pear shaped yellow diamonds and emeralds

The company now known as Scarselli Diamonds began in post-World War II Italy in 1957 with Gaetano (Nino) Scarselli was 18 years old. His idea was to create a fashion statement by creating mesmerizing pieces. In 1978, the company shifted its operations to New York. The company has been in the diamond and jewelry industry for three generations and specifically concentrates on the extremely luxurious fancy color diamonds of the market, although they do use top quality luxury gemstones and colorless diamonds in their jewelry as well.

2. Scarselli Diamonds

A Graff Diamonds emerald and diamond ring and necklace set

Graff Diamonds is a high end jeweler and watch company based in London that was founded in 1960 by jeweler Laurence Graff. Known as the King of Fancy Color Diamonds, Graff is the most famous brand name in fancy color. Graff is famous for having owned a string of internationally renowned and revered diamonds, and for having paid top dollar for special diamonds and gemstones at auction. Graff Diamonds is also celebrated for their design of jewelry incorporating gemstones and colorless diamonds as well.

3. Leviev

The famous 76.51 carat Lev Leviev Light Pink VVS1 diamond necklace

Known as the “King of Diamonds,” Lev Leviev was born in Uzbekistan and emigrated to Israel in 1971. He made his name undercutting the De Beers diamond cartel, growing his business from starting as a simple to diamond polisher to opening his own polishing factory, and eventually buying and operating his own mines and diamond jewelry production facilities. He is currently well known for producing his spectacular and incredibly designed fancy color diamond and colorless diamond jewelry.He is considered direct competition of De Beers

4. Cora International

The Cora Sun Drop diamond

For over 30 years Cora has been one of the world’s leading firms in both fancy color and colorless diamonds. CORA began as a diamond manufacturer cutting important diamonds for the world’s biggest international jewelry houses. Today they are a vertically integrated luxury retail brand who have become famous in their own right, buying, polishing and then selling two of the most noteworthy diamonds in recent history, the Cora Sun Drop and the Blue Moon.

5. Steinmetz Diamond Group

The famous Steinmetz Pink, now called the Pink Dream

The famous diamond company owned by Israeli Beny Steinmetz came under his control in 1978 when he moved to Belgium to run his father’s diamond business. Now a corporation that mines and controls much more than diamonds, SDG is still famous for its amazing diamonds and jewelry. It is most famous for its enormous pink diamond the Steinmetz Pink that was sold and has since changed hands quite publicly at auction and has since been renamed the Pink Dream.

6. Rachminov Diamonds 1891 Ltd.

Rough Rachminov fancy intense yellow diamonds

Rachminov is among the largest manufacturers of natural fancy color diamonds, and a leading market supplier of yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, and other colored diamonds. Rachminov Diamonds was established over 100 years ago and they continue to produce loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, and cobrand with other diamond brands in producing jewelry. Rachminov also incorporates colorless diamonds in their jewelry.

7. Dehres Ltd.

A diamond and sapphire set by Dehres

Established in 1971, Dehres is a three-generation owned business that was begun in Asia and is based out of Hong Kong until today. Dehres is known worldwide for cutting and dealing in some of the most important famous diamonds in the world, including the recutting of the 69 carat Burton-Taylor Diamond and the 64 carat matching Pair of Faith. Its customers include some of the most recognized brands as well as royalty, heads of state, celebrities and public figures. Dehres deals in both fancy color and colorless diamonds, and both manufactures diamonds and sells them as jewelry.

8. SwissDiam International

A SwissDiam diamond

Swissdiam International was started in Geneva Switzerland by Michel Farah over twenty years ago and remains a family owned business until today. Now a specialist in fancy color diamonds, SwissDiam is known around the world for the quality of their diamonds and the dependency of their services. They deal in very exclusive and high end pieces of fancy color diamonds and jewelry, enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide, and supply the industry with diamonds in a wide range of colors and vaireties.

9. Andre Messika Diamonds Ltd.

Andre Messika yellow diamonds

Andre Messika was established in 1972 in France as a distributor of polished diamonds. Today, Andre Messika is one of the world’s largest and most respected polished diamonds merchants. In 2014, Andre Messika opened a “boutique” factory for diamond jewelry production. The Company has built a worldwide network made of strong long-term relationships with retailers around the world and within the diamond pipeline, offering some of the most beautiful fancy color and colorless diamonds that are available in the market.

The top fancy color diamond companies did not reach this status by chance. Through years of careful and discerning trading, diamond companies are able to ensure that they only buy and sell from the most trustworthy diamond dealers. While not all diamond companies have yet had the chance to be the jewelers of the stars, most of them have sold very noteworthy diamonds of substantial value to very important clientele throughout the world. It is important when buying diamonds to buy from a renowned and trusted brand name so that you can be sure that it is a company that stands behind the diamonds that they sell. The top fancy color diamond companies in the world have all proven that their reputations are earned and that they are excellent sources for your fancy color diamond desires. The added bonus is the added value that your diamond receives from coming from such a famous company!

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